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DEUSA International GmbH
Nordhäuser Str. 2
99752 Bleicherode

  +49 36338 67 - 0
  +49 36338 67 - 103
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DEUSA International GmbH is a rich in tradition potash company based in Thuringia.

At the Chemical Industrial Park at Bleicherode DEUSA International produces salt products under consideration of most modern ecological specifications. Beside potassium chloride the company also produces magnesium chloride, common salt and different brines technical quality.

By the productions of new products, DEUSA International opened up new markets. By the employment of own raw materials from natural sources and environment-friendly extraction technologies the company produces products of top quality.

Extensive DEUSA research projects in co-operation with well-known institutes are the guarantor of a continuous quality improvement and thereby decisively determine the development of future product innovations.

DEUSA International GmbH is an investment of SIEM Investments Inc.