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DEUSA International GmbH
Nordhäuser Str. 2
99752 Bleicherode

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1858   Hour of birth of German potash mining industry

1899   Establishing of a royal, Prussian salt mine at Bleicherode

1903   First finished production -
Basis of the potash production has been the mining of hard salt, a mixture of potassium chloride, sodium chloride and sulphates. In course of time work processes improved and the existing technique was modernized, so that production increased year by year.


  The depletion of hard salt stocks was foreseeable, necessitated new technologies of mining and processing. The realization to only use the carnallite in the long run, led to the development of selective carnallite leaching and the respective processing technology. Roots of DEUSA International go back to the year of 1890.

1976    Start of drilling within the exploration program

1978     Start of testwork of small scalepoint plant at the underground of the conventional mine Bleicherode

1979     Construction of the first production drilling



Start of research and developement activities at the site Kehmstedt




Start hot leaching operation


Starting the processing plant


Foundation of Deusa Solbergwerke und Aufbereitungs GmbH


Gas power station and magnesium chloride plant

1996    Starting a new plant to the production of „Bischofit“ (firm magnesium chloride)


Takeover of Deusa Solbergwerke by DEUSA International GmbH,
Large investments by the new shareholder for safety issues,
Stabilization and capacity increase (KCl-benification, potash storage),
Inprovement of energy efficiency (co-generation measures) with the aim to increase the production volume to 120kt.

2009   Inauguration of new mining areas, drilling of new bores, take over power plant


2012   Commissioning of new KCl drying station