Magnesium chloride - Technical Quality

Basic Salts

Magnesium chloride is mainly used in the construction industry, for dust binding, de-icing service and for further processing of products such as sorel cement, magnesia screed or abrasives.

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Potash - Technical Quality

Basic Salts

Potassium chloride is mainly used for agricultural and industrial applications, e.g. for the production of mono- and blended fertilizers. Potash is available as a dry and as a wet product (approx. 10% moisture).

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Brines - Technical Quality

Basic Salts

DEUSA International offers a range of MgCl2 brines: premium brine, desulphated premium brine, solutions S20, S25, S30 e.g. for use in the de-icing service, or as protection fluid, production of sorelcement.

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Salt paste

Salt paste supplies game with essential salt and minerals, which are not sufficiently available in the nature.

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Disposal of salt based waste

In addition to the production of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride, DEUSA International operates a further line of business, which is the disposal of salt based waste, such as waste from the drilling industry and salts from various operations, wich were disposed into disused caverns helping to stabilize them.

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